Zimbra Student E-mail

Zimbra is the e-mail system for all Richland students and is activated when you enroll at Richland. The username and password login for Zimbra are the same used to log into Canvas and the myRichland Portal. A link to log into Zimbra can be found on the myRichland portal page, in the right-side column.

Zimbra e-mail works like a regular e-mail account and should be used for:

  • all official Richland communications
  • contacting your instructor that doesn't use Canvas
  • contacting your instructor if you're having problems and can't get Canvas to work right
  • contacting other Richland students, staff, and/or administration not in Canvas
  • e-mailing people outside Richland

When Does My Richland Student E-mail Expire?

Your Zimbra Student E-mail account expires once you stop attending Richland. The below information will help you better understand when your account will no longer be available.

  • First weekend in September if you were enrolled in the Spring, but not enrolled for the following Summer or Fall semesters.
  • First weekend in February if you were enrolled in the Summer or Fall, but not enroll for the following Spring semester.

Can I Link My Richland Student E-mail To My Web-enabled Phone?

Yes! If you would like to have your Richland student email sent to your web-enabled phone, please refer back to the information about Richland Email On Your Web Enabled Phone.

Additional Resources

  • Zimbra Quickstart Guide - This guide explains the basics of how to use Zimbra to send/receive e-mail, attach files to an e-mail message, download attached files sent to you, and information about the program's more advanced features.
  • Video Introduction to Zimbra - This short video explains the different features in Zimbra and how to use them to be more effective and efficient.